Destination and Direction

Text: John 14:1-6

Introduction: A survey was taken by which stated: “Do you believe that there are many ways to heaven?” The answer revealed that 65% of Christians said yes. The survey was taken again because the surveyors thought that they did not understand the question. The results were the same.

  1. Destination-The Father’s House
  2. People wander about place to place.

Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man,but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

  1. People seek the wrong things.
  2. Place their treasures on earth.
  3. Instead of Christ, people pick many ways.

1.) Living a moral life.

2.) Come up with their own gospel.

3.) Religious tradition.

4.) Accept Christ at the last minute.

5.) Don’t try, not concerned.

  1. Today’s Society.
  2. Must be tolerant of everything.
  3. If Not Your Bigoted.
  4. Liberal, Not Fundamental.
  5. New Way, Not Traditional.
  6. Protest Everything!

III. Only One Way through Christ.

  1. Founder of our faith-whosoever will.
  2. Exclusive in Christ’s sacrifice.
  3. Evangelism of others-Jesus saves.
  4. Two Destinations.
  5. Heaven or Hell.

Conclusion: “God can’t make you love him.” There is no other way that we can offer people to get to heaven; if there was we would tell you. Only through the sacrifice of Christ was “The Way” acceptable to God. We can only pray that God will reveal the truth of the gospel to you through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. God loves you. We love you. John 3:16 There is no plan B or alternate route!