Partial or Complete Salvation?

By Dr. Phil Dillingham

Hebrews 2:3 “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation;”

Introduction: Our text speaks about our salvation as being a great salvation. The tragedy is that many have made a small response and have a fragmentary knowledge of the full and complete salvation provided by Christ through the Holy Spirit.

In order to experience full and complete salvation in the present; we should begin By:

  1. Letting the Lord Jesus Christ be our example and teacher.
  2. Jesus was more the teacher than he was a preacher. He was called a Master; this was the title of an authoritative teacher. He taught by word and example.
  3. Jesus was sent to teach the truth of God’s Word as it applied to men’s hearts and lives. We must listen and obey his teaching to experience full salvation.
  4. His followers are called disciples and learners. The Sermon on the Mount closes with an exhortation not only to hear but to do the things Jesus taught, to fail to do so is to fail and experience the “great salvation” that God has for you in the present.
  5. Letting the church be your spiritual family and mentor.

The church is spoken of as the household of faith. All Christians are to be a vital functioning part of a local congregation of believers. As children, we need a church family if we are to grow to full maturity in “Grace and Knowledge”.

  1. The Church is responsible for teaching you the things that Jesus taught. It should teach us the will, ways, work and worship of God for our lives.
  2. The church, as your spiritual family; should be a family that comforts you, supports you in your Christian life, encourages you through life, picks you up when you are down and prays with you and for you always.
  3. The church should be our University of the greatest teachings ever. It is God’s will that all believers attend and graduate this university with our P.H.D. in prayer, holy living and divine things which will give you a Personal Higher Degree of life.

Conclusion: To experience this “great salvation” to its full extent; we must be on guard against the peril of neglecting the means by which we work with God to experience this full and complete salvation in this present life. (Hebrews 2:1, Psalm 119:9-11, Psalm 105). There are things today that we should decide to do in order to experience this complete and “great salvation.”

  1. Determine to “neglect not the assembling of ourselves together” in church.
  2. Determine to obey God’s Word lovingly, instantly, and completely.
  3. Determine to pray without ceasing.